Innovation Situation

Innovators in Human Paternity Testing 

The innovators for human paternity testing are universities, government agencies, and certain company corporations. (e.g. University of Leicester, various Child Support Services, and Sorenson Genomics LLC.)

Child Support Services are companies all over the country that ensure a childs well being with a single parent. They enforce the parents to pay, periodically, several payments at the guardians expense.This maintenace is paid directly or indirectly for the care of the child of a terminated relationship.  Because of this, they gladly support and fund human paternity testing research for the sake of the children.  

 At the Sorenson Genomics they provide paternity tests, Human migration pattern assessment,characterizing novel DNA sequences and forensic DNA testing servicesUsing these sorces Sorenson Genomics now works with other companies advancing these products. Since they understand all of the DNA and its functions and qualities Sorenson Geonomics now aims at uncovering new genomic discoveries and widen their knowledge of human genetics.

 What is innovation anyway?  How has it affected human paternity testing?

  Innovation is a process and a creation of making products/technologies more efficient.  It has affected human paternity testing in different ways.  Prof. Alec Jeffreys  (see left), from the University of Leicester, developed techniques of DNA and profiling in forensic science that is not used worldwide.  Sorenson Genomics is a DNA laboratory that specializes in parentage testing and genotypes services. This company built a genotyping and sequencing facility that's open to the public.  Also, in several Child Support Agencies, DNA sampling can now be done by simply taking saliva from the parent's cheek using a cotton swab and comparing it to the childs saliva.

 The want and needs of crime solving and parental identities drive human paternity technological innovation.

Economic Impact 

     Paternity testing primarily has one side effect on the United States economy. But it mainly has good influences on the economy. A good effect it has on the economy is the tests are now cheaper and much more convenient for families who need it. Paternity tests have increased widely and people now can find paternity tests in pharmacy's and clinics. Its also simple to do. Basically all you do it take a Q-tip and take  some saliva from the son/daughter and another Q-tip and take more saliva from the father then send the samples to a hospital or a specific location. Therefore, this creates a more stable and fluid economy.

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